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Welcome to Scott Kendall Travels! Through the blog and website at scottkendalltravels.com, I hope to share the wonderful world of travel for years to come.  For when we travel, if we do it right, we


What can you do at ScottKendallTravels.com?  To begin with, you can share ideas or ask questions on our Blog and get helpful advice on traveling like tips for planning a trip, using TripAdvisor or booking a bed and breakfast with Airbnb.  Or, you can soon share in our adventures right here in our beautiful United States in cool places like Hawaii, Alaska, Yellowstone, Wisconsin, and my home state of Texas.  Or travel with us to Europe to Italy, Germany and other places across the pond.  Help us share ideas and create tantalizing “bucket lists” to look forward to, or see my published work.

Like our lives, this website is a work in progress.  Each day we’ll be working to add to, to improve, and to enjoy creating and sharing our thoughts, our imagination, our struggles, our conquests, and our dreams with you.


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Murano Scot and Julie with glass starburst

S J piazza navona





With my wife on the cliff top village of Corniglia in picturesque Cinque TerreTrying my first aperol spritz in Burano

As a young Lieutenant in the US Navy