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  • Hi Scott, Paul here from International Living…I read that last piece you did for us and thought it was really good, so I’m wondering if you’d like to contribute to a story …
    • Paul, Editor, International Living
  • Just starting to look at your article and I love the approach you took with it.
    • Noreen, Great Escape Publishing
  • I loved your article about traveling with the kids! (I have three myself.) I was wondering if you’d be interested in writing another one for me…
  • This is fantastic! It turned out so well. Thank you for this and for getting it over to me so quickly. I will let you know soon if I have any questions at all.
    • Kat, Editor, The Right Way to Travel
  • Thank you so much, Scott–and for turning this piece around so quickly. It’s been fun to work with you, too. 🙂 Do stay in touch–I’d love to see/read about where you travel to in the future…
  • While I have you, I wonder if you would be interested in writing another piece for me? I was thinking about a piece on how travel writing, and press trips, allow you to travel more with your kids.
    • Erica, Editor, The Right Place to Travel
  • Fredericksburg is posted. Thank you for submissions that are easy to work with, edit and post! Another great article by you.  Thank you.
    • Kathleen Stafford, Content Editor, Media Coordinator

As a travel writer, school teacher, tennis coach, Navy Officer, management consultant and seasoned traveler, I have visited 47 of the 48 contiguous states, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.  I have traveled to Europe a half dozen times and have been to Guam, Puerto Rico, Mexico and The Bahamas. I have worked successfully with CVBs from Heidelberg, Baden Baden, Munich, Wimberley, Fredericksburg, Georgetown, Door County and others, always delivering a quality article and photos well before the deadline.

I am very conscientious, dependable, creative, and demanding of myself.  For samples of my work, please see Published Work  for articles I have had published in EuropeUpClose, Epicurean Traveler, Miles Geek, Travel and Talk, International Living, The Yums, and others. You can see some of my photos  at my flickr account. I have several articles pending publication in EuropeUpClose, Links and Libations, The Yums and Miles Geek. I will be traveling extensively in my home state of Texas, and have a 20 days trip to northern Italy, Slovenia and Croatia planned for June 2018.

My contact information is:

Phone:        281-793-7835

Email:         scottkendalltravels@gmail.com

Website:    scottkendalltravels.com


I look forward to the opportunity to work with you on upcoming projects.


Scott Kendall


Other Comments From Visitor Bureaus, Businesses and Readers

  • Scott Kendall took us to Georgetown (no, not D.C., but Texas) for his story in MilesGeek.com, then shared his amazing dining experience at a small café in Rome’s magnificent Piazza Navona for TheYums.com. Congrats to Scott for also being selected as a “Mover and Shaker” in TravMedia.
    • Noreen, The Travel Writers’ Cafe, Great Escape Publishing
  • Very nicely done!  I will forward the article to everyone included in it. Thanks again.
  • Thank you, Scott.  The article is wonderful, you have a way with words. I hope to see you again soon – Happy trails!
    • Cathy Moreman, Executive Director, Wimberley Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • I love the article and appreciate the link.  I will post the link on our Facebook page if that is alright with you.  I really hope you and Julie stay here soon, let us know when you will be in the neighborhood! Thanks.
    • Peggy, Innkeeper, Wimberley Inn
  • Thanks for sharing your great article.  It contains lots of useful information – I really enjoyed it.
  • Great itinerary! We’re hoping Tuscany will be our next big trip.
    • Reader feedback


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