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Welcome! Scott Kendall Travels is all about sharing tips, recommendations, suggested itineraries, photos and videos to help you plan your next adventure. See my Published Work as I share helpful information from my European travels to Italy, Germany , Slovenia, Croatia, France and EnglandOr, you can join in our adventures right here in our beautiful United States in cool places like Wisconsin, Colorado, New York City, Washington DC, New Orleans, Washington state, Philadelphia, and my home state of Texas.

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Scott Kendall is a freelance travel writer, photographer, and videographer based in The Woodlands, Texas. He has traveled extensively throughout the US and Europe. Scott has written for EuropeUpClose, Epicurean Traveler, International Living, Miles Geek, Touring Bird, Airguides, Travel and Talk, and other publications. His published work and videos can be seen at scottkendalltravels.com, and he can be reached at [email protected]

Like our lives, this website is a work in progress.  Each day we’ll be working to share our thoughts, our adventures and our dreams with you.